Frequently asked questions in the process of the use of FOTILE Products, provide you with the most detailed answers.
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What are the maintenance tips for the range hood on a daily basis?

(1) Before installing the oil cup into the hood, first put a little water inside the cup and add some detergent. This will make it easy to clean afterwards.

(2)Remove the fingerprints on the stainless steel surface: White oil.

(3)Remove the yellow stains: Use a wet towel with a little gypsum powder (old powder) to clean, which generally can be purchased in a paint shop.

Can I remove the range hood and clean by myself?

As the structure of the hood is relatively complicated. If you would like to disassemble it for cleaning, you'd better let professionals handle it, so as to avoid damage to the body in the process of disassembly.

Do I need to tear off the film on the range hood's decoration cover?

After installing the range hood, remove the protective film. If the film is removed after already using the range hood, evenness of coloration may be affected and the glue from the protective film will be difficult to remove from the stainless steel finish.

What is the air outlet diameter of FOTILE range hood?

The smoke pipe diameter of FOTILE range hood is 6 inches. Installation on an opening of less than 6 inches is not possible as it impacts the efficacy of smoke suction and creates noise.

What shall be paid attention to for the daily cleaning and maintenance of range hood?

(1) Ensure good ventilation in the kitchen when using the hood. Deep cleaning is recommended once a year, and the hood shall be timely cleaned after cooking every time. Regular cleaning of range hood can effectively avoid the occurrence of oil dropping and spilling, etc.;

(2) Do not use the scouring pad, steel wool, stiff brush or other rough tools when cleaning, but use soft cloth instead;

(3) It is strictly prohibited to use acid alkali cleaner such as Mr. Wham, and neutral detergent shall be used to clean the oil screen once every three months, etc.

Why is the cabinet installed before the range hood?

(1)Make the cabinet before installing the hood, so as to prevent non-levelling installation of the hood;

(2)Prevent bumping in the process of cabinet installation and avoid the dust and sawdust dropping into the hood and thus influencing use;

(3) Prevent the hood not able to be dismantled in the future.

What role does the Auto Turbo System play?

Automatic Turbo System is mainly designed for the resistance in the public flue (chimney) and unsmooth extraction. When the Automatic Turbo System is on, it can automatically detect the resistance in the public flue (chimney) and adjust air volume. Smoke is removed without obstacle.

Does the length of the air outlet have any influence on the airflow of the range hood?

The longer the pipeline is, the more the pressure loss will be, resulting in the decrease in suction.

The position of the range hood plate listing the product number

Side Suction/European style: Top of the left case body, Chinese style: Right side of the range hood.

Is 10A socket applicable for the hood?

It is acceptable.