Delicious quality, new definition of kitchen

FOTILE electric cooker series cooker uses technology to show strength and expresses attitude with quality to create a new lifestyle for you.

Satisfy the delicious ideas of "quality" people

Germany imported SCHOTT glass and EGO hob, with excellent high temperature resistance and durability
Use it, whether it is fried or steamed, you can support it.
The first-class texture certainly meets the imagination of the all-round cook.

Heavy protection, safe cooking

After the fire is turned off, the temperature of the panel is not reduced for a while, and the family accidentally encounters inevitable burns.
With the residual heat reminder, you can reduce the damage caused by carelessness.
From the reminder of the waste heat to the child lock and then to the high temperature protection, Fang too strives to control the safety of each link.
Let your cooking have no worries.

Remnant reminder Child lock High temperature protection

The kitchen is smart, the food is delicious.

FOTILE’s unique O-TOUCH touch control combines beauty and strength.
As for the simple and avant-garde life, the artistic design leads the kitchen aesthetics.
Make your cooking more enthusiastic.

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